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Frequently Asked Questions about the event

1) Is there a deadline to confirm the participation?

As the event program is drafted according to the number of delegations and to their chosen operational activities, all invited delegations are kindly requested to confirm their participation by the 28th of February 2023, in order to set on the exercise training scenarios in due time. Anyway, delegations who are not able to meet such deadline can still participate in the event but only in the activities already planned, if they confirm their presence no later than 14 March 2023.

2) Is it compulsory to come along with rescue vehicles and equipment?

The event program is based on an active participation of all invited delegations in the specific fire and rescue operations which will be carried out in the Training Schools of the Italian National Fire and Rescue Service, as already highlighted in the invitation letter. Furthermore, delegations will participate in conferences aimed to share knowledge and best practices on technological innovation, rescue and fire-fighting techniques. All invited delegations will join Italian firefighters from Rome in activities dedicated to the public in some Roman squares.
It might be desirable that delegations could bring their full firefighting equipment in order to allow an improved understanding of the various firefighting approaches followed by different Countries. In any case, the activities may be carried out by each delegation based on the role of delegation members (officials, operators, etc.) and the equipment they can bring. Participation with vehicles is therefore not mandatory. Personal protective equipment is instead mandatory to participate in operational exercises.

3) When the final version of the Rome 2023 program will be available?

As explained in the answer to Question 2 above, all the scheduled activities will be unequivocally defined after the deadline of the 28th of February. Until then we attach herein the program draft, which is updated as soon as new information become available.

4) What is required in order to participate in the conferences?

According to the attached "Activity Forms", each delegation can choose the subjects among those proposed in the Activity Form no. 4, or any other subject, which can be interesting for all participants. In order to standardize the layout of conference presentations, some PowerPoint templates will be sent to the participating delegations.

5) How does the event program involve each delegation?

Each delegation will nominate a team leader, who will be constantly in contact with an Italian national fire tutor. The tutor will assist the delegation for all the activities during the entire period. The organization of the tutor system is under the management of the Rome Fire Command.

6) Will the Italian tutors always support the members of the delegations or will they have free time to spend on their own?

During all the scheduled activities, the Italian tutor will always support the members of the delegations. At the end of the activities, they will have free time to spend in Rome.

7) Which kind of uniform shall be worn for the entire period?

The Italian firefighters and fire officials will always wear their work uniform for all the activities during the entire period.

8) Which public transportation options are delegations allowed to choose to get to Rome (trains, cars, planes and ferries)?

There are no limitations; it is up to each single delegation. The arriving point is at the ISA (National Fire Academy), located at Via del Commercio, 13 in Rome ( In case it is not possible for some delegations to arrive directly at the ISA, it is important to communicate the arrival time, the number of delegation members and the arrival place, in order to pick you up and take you at the ISA.

9) Is it possible to come with private means of transportation?

There are no limitations. Anyway, it is necessary to provide us with data of your vehicles.

10) How many delegations have already declared their interest in participating in the event?

At present, delegations from 16 European Countries have confirmed their interest in participating in the event. The complete list of all participants will be published herein after the deadline of 28 February together with the final program of the event.

11) Is it possible to come with firefighting equipment and innovative rescue systems?

It is highly recommended that delegations could participate in the event with their own firefighting equipment and innovative rescue systems, whose performance can be shown and described during the operational exercises in order share experiences and best practices.


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